Rates range between $395 and $495 per night.

Direct Booking Discount: Book directly with us and avoid online "traveler's fees".*

Please contact us to discuss possible mid-week discounts.

Until confirmed, rates are subject to change without notice.

*Note: If you are currently booked through other online sources, we cannot offer a Direct Booking Discount.

How to book:

Reservations can be accomplished two ways:

1) Directly with us, without booking fees, or

2) Online, through external booking websites (which includes external booking fees)

We're happy to accommodate either method - whichever you prefer.

NOTE:  For weekends, we generally have a four night minimum. Weekdays, we can offer shorter stays. We have *some* flexibility depending on many factors, so if your proposed visit doesn't fit this criteria, please contact us and we'll review options.


is legally permitted and licensed by the City of Napa



Important background regarding vacation rental homes in Napa:

40 whole-home vacation rental homes are legally permitted and licensed by the city of Napa. Legally permitted vacation rental homes typically list their Vacation Rental Permit number for potential renters to see. (Outside the city limits of Napa, vacation rental homes are NOT legally permitted.) What does 'whole-house' mean? It means you get to enjoy the entire property to yourself without on-site hosts impacting your privacy.

These 40 licensed vacation rental homes participate in annual safety inspections conducted by the city of Napa Fire Department and abide by a comprehensive set of guidelines developed in collaboration with the city, resulting in a safer, superior lodging experience for guests.

The city and county of Napa works to identify and close illegal vacation rentals. Therefore, if you choose to book a vacation rental in Napa other than ours, please ask for a permit number and, if in doubt, check the permit number with the city of Napa Business Department. This will ensure that your reservation will be honored and available when you arrive.

Cleaning Fee: $175

Napa City Occupancy Tax: 13%

Payment by check or Zelle, only.

A detailed rental agreement with all terms and conditions will be sent to you when you book your stay with us. Until confirmed, rates are subject to change without notice.